Fame & Prestige

Fame Level: 1

Hero’s Luck (1 PP): You gain a +4 luck bonus on a single skill check. You must use this award before you attempt the check in question.

Palm Greaser (Title, 4 PP): In any settlement of at least 5,000 inhabitants, you may locate a corrupt official. If you‘re imprisoned or fined for crimes committed in the settlement‘s jurisdiction, you may take advantage of this contact. You pay no fines and escape sentencing if you can make a Diplomacy check (DC 15 for petty crimes, 20 for serious crimes, or 25 for capital crimes). You can use this ability once per game session. You may select this title once for each settlement in your Sphere of Influence; each time you select it, choose one settlement where you may use the award.

Recovery (5 PP): Your body is recovered by a rescue team.

Spellcasting (varies): You can use your fame to have NPCs cast spells on your behalf. You must have access to a NPC capable of casting the spell.

Temple Member (Title, 4 PP): You are an active member of your local temple or place of worship. Your commitment to seeing your faith prosper and grow has ingratiated you with the local clergy, and you may even hold a spot among them when not out adventuring. You have a +1 circumstance bonus on Heal checks made during downtime. Once per game session, if you have access to an operating temple of your faith, you can have a cleric cast either cure moderate wounds or lesser restoration on yourself or one of your allies, free of charge. You must visit the temple to receive this attention.

Thieves’ Guild Member (Title, 4 PP): Nearly every community, from the smallest village to the teeming metropolis, has a criminal underground, and most have one or more thieves‘ guilds to look out for the interests of those on the opposite side of the law. As a member of one such thieves‘ guild, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to steal items without being noticed. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus on skill checks made to earn money illegally during downtime (i.e., Sleight of Hand to pick pockets, Disable Device to break into houses).

Fame & Prestige

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