Festival and Fire

Everyone spent the majority of the day participating in the various activities of the Swallowtail Festival. Holo was the only one to win Harker’s Trick Shot with 5 targets hit with 7 shots fired winning a nice darkwood bow in the process. All four won at least one Red Barrow race giving them a shot at the fishing extravaganza. There the ultimate prize was won by Kurdan who is yet to determine the exact nature of his prize. The Gauntlet was nearly defeated by Kurdan but he failed to make it passed the trapped door. Maybe next year, however he made it the farthest with some not able to jump a mud puddle. As everyone feasted and gathered near the church. The fun was interrupted by the songs of goblins as the wretched creatures started setting fires and killing anything within their path.

Fortunately for Sandpoint, there were people that united to drive back the goblins. An unlikely band forced by fate to join a fight for survival. Defeating the goblins and saving the life of a the young noble Aldern Foxglove. Though these four do not fully understand what the gods have in store for them and how closely they are tied together which goes beyond a few goblins ruining a town’s festival.


cmitchell0608 cmitchell0608

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