Festival and Fire

Everyone spent the majority of the day participating in the various activities of the Swallowtail Festival. Holo was the only one to win Harker’s Trick Shot with 5 targets hit with 7 shots fired winning a nice darkwood bow in the process. All four won at least one Red Barrow race giving them a shot at the fishing extravaganza. There the ultimate prize was won by Kurdan who is yet to determine the exact nature of his prize. The Gauntlet was nearly defeated by Kurdan but he failed to make it passed the trapped door. Maybe next year, however he made it the farthest with some not able to jump a mud puddle. As everyone feasted and gathered near the church. The fun was interrupted by the songs of goblins as the wretched creatures started setting fires and killing anything within their path.

Fortunately for Sandpoint, there were people that united to drive back the goblins. An unlikely band forced by fate to join a fight for survival. Defeating the goblins and saving the life of a the young noble Aldern Foxglove. Though these four do not fully understand what the gods have in store for them and how closely they are tied together which goes beyond a few goblins ruining a town’s festival.

Starting out

Breakdown of day’s events
Ethel met with Mayor Deverin and she agreed to wait until dinner time for a decision if the Valdemars will build the second lumber mill within town. Soon after Ethel met with Aesrick Battlehorn the Carpenter guildmaster to set up a deal that would enable Aesrick to gain the first choice of lumber acquired from the new mill. Aesrick seemed unsure of the dealing and agreed if Ethel can secure the contract of lumber before he would agree to limit trade with the Scarnetti’s. Ethel then set off to meet with Banny Harker to discuss a lumber shipment.

Holo woke to a knock at the door and a mysterious letter stating “Midnight tonight 200 gp dropped into the vase at the back of Razor Ally or the Mayor Deverin learns of your esteemed client Gaven Deverin”. Seeking information on who may have sent the letter Holo ventured to the Fatman’s Feedbag where Holo ran into a beautiful Varisian woman named Rozalia working on several documents one bearing the noble crest of Foxglove a noble family in Magnimar. After questioning her with limited information she suggested that you seek out Gaven Deverin and ask him. On the way out the heavy set barkeep stopped you and inquired about what you were seeking, remaining vague you gave him information. Then he told you that a girl named Gaia may be able to aid you and said where you may find her, as well as offering advice that perhaps Gaven is being used in a blackmail scheme and that you can never tell with people from around the docks stating “they’re unsavory”. Leaving the Feedbag, you traveled to Rusty Dragon in where you briefly met an eccentric Tian woman that mistook you for kitchen help. Then feeling embarrassed she offered you information on where to find Gaia and that she works for the “fat stinky bastardGressel Tenniwar at the Fatman’s Feedbag”. Realizing that you been sent on a goose chase, you still wanted to seek out Gaia to see if she had any information. Which led you to Risa’s place a rundown barely open tavern owned by Risa an old blind lady who told you the story of the Sandpoint Devil upon your request for a story. She also said that Gaia can be found here at night during story time.
The Sandpoint Devil Story.
The Sandpoint devil is the son of a widow woman named Agatha Leeds who used to live north of town and was said to practice dark magics and consort with evil beings. When she wandered into town round with child, she avoided all questions about her pregnancy. Weeks later, Leeds’s home was found reduced to cinders with its owner missing. Soon after, the first sightings of the Sandpoint devil began. Risa gave an omen stating “It is bad luck to see the Sandpoint devil. Any who do are cursed to suffer an ill fate. It’s said the devil flies over Sandpoint in warning before tragedies, murders, and shipwrecks”

Kurdan Hemlock (previously known as Deadly Dick err… I mean… Peter Hemlock)
Recently arriving in town to enjoy the upcoming Swallowtail Festival you were briefly met by a large bald Shoanti man dressed in scale mail armor and wore marking that appeared to mark him as someone of note. He warned you that your people’s outlandish ways were not tolerated within town and that he will be watching you. Then from a nearby establishment another Shoanti man yelled over at the man “Just because you have forgotten your heritage does not mean he has too!” Then the stranger said to you that you are welcome here pointing to his tavern the White Deer. As you approached he said “Forget my brother, he has forsaken his people by taken a Chelish name and becoming their sheriff. I am Garridan, come sit and drink.” Entering the establishment you find a nice cozy table to drink at when two loud drunkards entered noticing that you are a fresh new face in town and they are the “welcoming committee”. They were eager for a fight and goaded you into one where you stood your ground threatening them with you axe as they moved to surround you. Brandishing your weapon was enough to scare them off, although, they mumbled something about getting the sheriff when they were exiting the tavern. A man sitting in the corner startled you as he came from the shadows saying you should be gone before the sheriff arrives. Also mentioning if you are interested in earning some coin then the Fatman’s Feedbag would be an idea place for you if you do not mind participating in an underground fighting ring.


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